Details on This Badge's Criteria

Serious Game Graduate Certificate

To earn this badge: Successful completion of the three graduate level university courses which comprise Michigan State University’s Graduate Certificate in Serious Game Design: 1. Foundations of Serious Games (principles, processes, and pedagogies for serious game design; exploration of games for health, learning, social change, corporate games, news games). 2. Theories for Interactivity and Game Design (theories of learning and motivation, persuasion, attitude and behavior change, and theories of fun and play, and how to apply them to classroom-based and informal learning, health-related individual behavior change, and social change) 3. Understanding Users or an appropriate alternative graduate methods course in the student’s major (exposure to and experience with a wide range of design research techniques and how to apply them to generate insights and recommendations for serious game design at all phases of the design process).

This badge has been awarded 8 times.

Serious Game Graduate Certificate: Completed Michigan State University's Serious Game Graduate Certificate program,