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BadgeAwarded To
Citation as Conversation Level 1 Emilia Marcyk
Volumetric Pipet Brittland DeKorver
Buret Brittland DeKorver
Volumetric Flask Brittland DeKorver
Do More with Less Anthony Carriveau
Seminar Work - College of Arts & Letters Graduate Teaching Certification Scott Schopieray
Serious Game Graduate Certificate Anna Olegovna Kolesnichenko
Serious Game Design Anna Olegovna Kolesnichenko

Yesterday's Top Awardees

PersonPoints Earned
Joyce Deborah Hopkins 4

This Week's Top Awardees

PersonPoints Earned
Joyce Deborah Hopkins 4

Awards by Category

PersonAwards Earned
Learning Achievment
David Chance 8
Patricia Stanley 6
Scott Mullen 6
Guenter Horn 6
Virginia Harper 6
Activity Participation
Gwyn Shelle 5
Alan Pilkenton 2
Anne Baker 2
Ashtaan Wilhelm Rapanos 1
Bindu Bhakta 1
Personal Achievement
Felicia Berryman 4
Lisa Besko 3
John Callaghan 2
Pamela Sloan 1
David Chance 1
Anne Baker 1
Scott Cooley 1
David Chance 1
Victoria Sawyer 1

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