Check in and get started!

Here’s how it works:

Find out which activities, events, or accomplishments award badges.
Look for the badge logo at events, or badge icons on campus websites, or in your online courses.
Check in to any Badge event.
For events you can scan the QR code with your smart phone and claim your badge for paticipation in the event.
Show off your badges!
Once you’ve earned a badge, you can display it in your email signature. You can also change your badge settings to compete on the Leaderboard!

There will be opportunities available throughout some online courses to earn a badge by clicking the badge icon.

Badges help you to connect to your campus community, develop useful skills and document your achievements. It’s also a lot of fun!

About This Initiative

Badges and awards are not academic records. They are intended to provide a fun way to gain recognition of activities, participation and learning. Badges awarded in courses help you track learning progress and recognize your achievements, but are not considered nor formulated as formal assignment grades.

You may choose to share your badges with your friends inside and outside of classes using this site or Mozilla's OpenBadges. Michigan State badges created and awarded here are designed to be compatible with Mozilla's Open Badges Initiative.

Just sign up for a free Mozilla Backpack, bake your badges here into Mozilla Open Badges, upload the baked badge to your backpack, and share your badge collections as you wish on your social networks, blogs, web sites, or resume. Learn more about the Mozilla Backpack at Mozilla OpenBadges.